The Wiild Group Presents: Courageous Conversations

This podcast is for women invested in leadership development (WiiLD). WiiLD’s mission is to grow and develop women in leadership, who will impact the world for Christ. 

Our vision is for women who are wild about pursuing purpose with a passion to develop and maximize their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

After Thoughts w/ Dr. T- Keeping a Safe Space in Your Mind WiiLD Courageous Conversations

Psychiatrist Dr. Tanya Royster shares her thoughts on a previous episode #CourageousConversations! In Partnership with Otsuka in celebration of Mental Health Awareness. To learn more about The Wiild Group and our a community of women intentional about spiritual growth, awareness and advancement visit our website. To learn more about Dr. T and her mission to change the world visit her website.
  1. After Thoughts w/ Dr. T- Keeping a Safe Space in Your Mind
  2. After Thoughts w/ Dr. T-Sleep, Diet, and Exercise VS. Your Mental Health
  3. After Thoughts w/ Dr. T – Maintaining Thriving Relationships While Surviving Covid 19
  4. After Thoughts w/ Dr. T Fighting For Social Justice
  5. Ep 15 | Wiild Mental Health Series |Mental Wellness and The Virtual Classroom/Workplace